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Beer with the brewer this week with Local Brewing Co Sam Harris, Head Brewer. We uncover how the brewery was named, why there’s no beers in his fridge at home (gasp!) and why, now more than ever, craft lovers should look out for the indie seal…


1. How was the brewery named?

Possibly one of the hardest tasks in starting a business, especially when there are 5 of you trying to decide.

Originally the brand was called ‘A Local Beer’ partly as a bit of a laugh thinking customers would go up to a bar asking for ‘something local’ or ‘I’ll have a local beer’ but also we wanted the brand to have a localised impact wherever it was sold.

This is why we partnered with SecondBite when we launched. We have over 1500+ community centres across Australia to help provide meals to those in need. 

Eventually we found in practice it just made our lives much more difficult when we would talk to venues and say ‘I’m from A Local Beer’ and they would respond with ‘Which local beer?’ We dropped the ‘A’ and ‘Beer’ and became Local Brewing Co. to still encompass our mission to have impact not just where we are based but all places we are sold.

2. What beers do you have at home in your fridge now? 

You’ll be surprised, I don’t usually have beers in my fridge at home – across being at the taproom, socialising with friends/family and industry events I usually get my fair share of sampling done so it’s kind of nice to have a recovery space! haha

3. Best tip for visiting the brewery?

You’ll find something different for any day of the week you come, whether that’s trivia on Wednesdays, new beer taproom exclusive beers launched on Thursday or live sport on the weekends. If you wanna catch the brewers, Friday lunch time is your best bet.

4. Pineapple on pizza, YES or NO?

100% pineapple on Pizza!

5. If you can only use one hop for the rest of your life, what is it?

It definitely changes pretty often but I can’t go past anything with Eclipse at the moment – loving anything with big citrus and piney characteristics.

6. If you could collaborate with one other brewery, who would you choose?

Anybody locally (we’re pretty spoilt in Collingwood/Fitzroy) – but we have to choose one we’ll go with The Mill!

7. Some occasions call for the ‘perfect’ beer, what are you reaching for:

  • a beach beer? Pacific Ale
  • an airport beer? Something adventurous to reflect the travels ahead – typically something darker like a Stout or a Red IPA
  • the end of the day beer? XPA
  • the ‘best beer with dinner’ beer? Depends on the meal!
  • to kick back and watch sport with? Aussie Lager

8. What’s the future of craft and can Craft Cartel beer lovers get on board?

It’s a tough time for craft at the moment off the back of COVID, high inflationary pressures and non-independents flooding the market with new sub-brands disguised as craft. Craft breweries need to adapt quickly to meet changing consumer demands and look for unique ways to distribute their product beyond the historical norms to really stand out. For punters, now more than ever, look out for the indie seal, and go support your favourite breweries by visiting their taprooms.




Local Brewing Co join Craft Cartel Brewery Direct
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