Beer With The Brewer – Nomad Brewing Co.

Nomad Brewing Co’s head brewer Brooks Caretta has spent years brewing around the world including New York and Rome, before landing in Sydney’s northern beaches.

He brings to Nomad his love of using local ingredients. You’ll often find finger lime, lemon myrtle and wattleseed in his recipes, which gives his beers a distinct native twist.

We recently caught up with Brooks to have a chat about his love of local ingredients and the beer that inspired him to become a brewer.

Which beers would we find chilling in your fridge at the moment?

There’s always a wide variety and usually not a whole six pack of one single beer. Always have some Nomad beers, some others from the Experience It portfolio – I’m very lucky to able to taste beers from all over and stay updated on what’s going on in the craft beer world and some beers from local fellow brewers that find their way to my fridge and I love to try.

What was the beer that made you want to brew?

Rochefort 10. So much complexity, elegance and drinkability at the same time, it really blew my mind the first time I tried it in my early 20’s.

You’re known for featuring local ingredients in your beers. Which Australian native ingredient do you most enjoy working with?

The native citrus like finger lime and desert lime, but also Tasmanian Pepperberry and Lemon Myrtle. They are all different and can be used in different ways for different flavour and aroma profiles.

You’ve brewed in New York and Rome, what’s your favourite beer destination outside of Australia?

It’s really a great time for craft beer and you can find amazing small artisan breweries all over the world, seriously you can point anywhere on a world map and there will be good beer made nearby. Belgium has a very special place in my heart. It’s were I fell in love with beer, its variety and diversity. The suggestion I would give is: look for what’s good and true.

Any particular Nomad beers we should keep an eye out for this summer?

I love our sour and slightly tangy beers, Freshie Salt N Pepper, Rosie’s Raspberry Sour Ale and Beach House Pale, those are the ones I’ll personally be drinking the most.

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