We sat down for a beer with...

Adreac "ADY" Fitter

Rocks Brewing Co.

Introducing Rocks Brewing Co Head Brewer, Adreac “Ady” Fitter who creates the unbelievably enjoyable beers with Senior Brewer, Gerry Graf. Fitter is a craft beer enthusiast passionate about matching global F&B trends with local ingredients and tastes to reimagine the way alcohol is consumed in Australia.

Discover best beers for just about any dinner and why the future is still bright for craft beer… 

1. How was the brewery named?

It was named Rocks Brewing as we were originally situated in The Rocks in Sydney.

2. What beers do you have at home in your fridge now? 

Whatever I get given by other brewers. Currently Bracket and Curly Lewis.

3. Best tip for visiting the brewery? Grab a beer, cider, seltzer, cocktail or spritzer and enjoy the large sun-drenched beer garden!

If you can only use one hop for the rest of your life, what is it?

It used to be Amarillo but it’s now Nelson Sauvin. I love all aspects of beer / fermentation and I am really excited about the use of emerging technology in the production of yeast, hops and fermentables.

4. Pineapple on pizza, YES or NO? Yes. Definite yes!

5. If you could collaborate with one other brewery, who would you choose?

Easy. Gigantic from Portland for sure

6. Some occasions call for the ‘perfect’ beer, what are you reaching for: Favourite go to beer is Rocks Lager or West Coast IPA

  • a beach beer? Sunday Road Cerveza
  • an airport beer?Anything indy!
  • the end of the day beer? Rocks Brewing West Coast IPA
  • the ‘best beer with dinner’ beer? Depends on the menu!
    • Taco’s – Cerveza.
    • Pizza – IPA.
    • Steak – Porter/Stout.
    • Seafood – Pilsner.
    • Burgers – American Pale Ale.
    • Thai – Citrusy IPA.
  • to kick back and watch sport with? Something full bodied yet sessional like Breheny Bro’s Wild Dog Pale Ale, Jindabyne Red X, Madocke Blonde, or Hobgoblin IPA.

7. What’s the future of craft and can Craft Cartel beer lovers get on board? There’s no sugar coating it…there’s a lot of doom and gloom around the craft beer market at the moment. Every popular movement in history has its ebbs and flows so the craft industry ain’t going anywhere!

Brewers are constantly uncovering new techniques, old recipes, better ingredients and brewing amazing beers so the future is still bright for craft beer and everyone is invited to join in!



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