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Beers Inspired By Your Favourite Treats

More and more brewers are turning to their favourite sweet treats for flavour inspiration, with playful beers like Dainton Cherry Gripe, Six String Mint Condition and the Australian Brewery It’s the Way It Shatters That Matters appearing on our shelves.

This year, Dainton Skittlebrau caused a commotion with beer lovers clamouring to “taste the rainbow”. And then there was Garage Project’s Cereal Milk Stout inspired by the last few mouthfuls of a bowl of Cornflakes.

Here are some of our favourites!

Big Shed Boozy Fruit NEIPA
Inspired by the good old Frosty Fruit ice block, Big Shed Boozy Fruit NEIPA took out the coveted GABS People’s Choice title this year, and has finally returned to our shelves. This New England style IPA (ABV: 6.2%) is full of big tropical fruit flavours with pineapple taking centre stage.

3 Ravens Salted Caramel Milkshake IPA 
A Milkshake IPA is brewed with lactose (milk sugar) in combination with other sweet or fruity flavours – essentially anything you might find in a milkshake, smoothie, ice cream or donut. Brimming with sweet toffee flavours, this ‘Salted Caramel Shake’ from 3 Ravens is a winner!

Big Shed Golden Stout Time
Made to taste like a Golden Gaytime ice-cream, Big Shed Golden Stout Time (5.4%) is so delicious we reckon it could turn non beer drinkers. From the first whiff we’re seduced by the nutty, caramel, chocolate and vanilla aromas. And damn – it tastes like this much-loved Aussie ice-cream too.

Hairyman Pop Ale
The gang at Hairyman Brewery must’ve tapped into their inner-child when they dreamt up this beer. Pouring a pale straw colour with a light foamy head, the aroma is the first thing you notice. You quickly realise this is no regular beer – berries are popping out of the glass. On the first sip your mind is literally blown! Tastes just like Creaming Soda!

Moon Dog Splice of Heaven Pine Lime IPA
An ice-creamified tropical IPA with piney pineapple and limey citrus. Hoppy and smooth with a touch of vanilla sweetness. A true Moon Dog classic inspired by the Splice ice cream.