Chur calls last drinks down under

Chur Brewing Co. have announced that due to a number of challenges they have decided to cease shipping their beer to Australia.

The alter ego of New Zealand’s Behemoth, Chur Brewing Co. are known for their super creative can art, big-flavoured, and large (440ml) beers. Over the last 7+ years they have made over 240 beers, many of those having been small batch, one-offs, savoured by beer fans on both sides of the ditch.

“Life is too short to take too seriously so the only thing we, the Chur (Behemoth) family, take seriously is bigger tasting beers. Beers that are big, on flavour and fun, and creative, which is shown through our branding and mascot’s, Churly, varied attire.”

The end of an era…

Chur updated fans on their Facebook page last month, with a post announcing the end of Chur beers down under…

“It is with sadness that we have to announce that for the time being we are going to cease shipping our beers to Australia. 

The challenge of having the Chur brand represent us in Australia has meant that when COVID has put a spanner in the works over the last year we are left with stock that has the wrong label on it for NZ or anywhere else in the world. 

This is a decision we haven’t taken lightly, but the shipping difficulties and delays we have faced has meant that stock is also sometimes not leaving in as fresher state as we would like and that is not what we want to offer our fans in Australia. 

We would like to thank all our fans, all the awesome bottle store owners and their staff, as well as the team at our importer for their support. 

This isn’t forever and we are sure Chur/Behemoth will make it back to Australia for sale somehow in the future. In the interim jump on a plane and come see us in Auckland.



Chur’s final stock has arrived, and after this it’s gone!