Craft Beer Glass Guide


Craft Beer Glass Guide

We often get asked, “does it matter what glass I drink my beer out of?” And our answer is always, “yep – it sure does”. Don’t get us wrong, we love cracking open a can or bottle and having a swig, but if you want to get the most out of your beer take the time to select the right glassware.


Three reasons why beer glasses matter:

1. It’s all about the aesthetics baby! Beer glasses are designed to make your beer look good. Catching sight of the bubbles rising from the bottom of the glass and the perfect head of foam resting at the top, makes the whole drinking experience more enjoyable.

2. Unleash the aromas. The narrow opening of a bottle and can is not conducive to letting all those heady aromas out, that’s why you should reach for a glass. Just like food and wine, the aroma of beer plays a big part in what you taste.

3. Glassware encourages the formation of the correct head. This is important as the foam traps the beer’s hop oils and spices which create the awesome aromas.

Take a look at Craft Cartel’s Beer Glass Guide if you’re not sure which glass to pour your beer into.

Craft Beer Glass Guide

If your looking to purchase some of these glasses then I recommend looking at Everten. They have a wide selection of beer glasses to start your collection.

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