Craft Gin

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All about craft Gin

Gin is a spirit that is very easy to classify as “craft” due to the fact that regulations around it are very minimal and innovation potential is almost limitless.

Gin starts with a base spirit that can really be created by fermenting and then distilling most any agricultural product. That could include potatoes, honey, carrots, grapes, but is more commonly made with neutral grains such as corn, wheat, barley, or rye.

Once your base spirit is made, then you can really make gin out of everything as long as you have the core ingredient of juniper berries. From there you can add in a vast array of botanicals to flavour your gin.

This is how craft distilleries shine. Choosing the botanicals that are put into a bottle of gin is the chance for the distillery to get expressive and creative, and truly let the personality come into the bottle.

Different botanical ingredients can add all different flavour profiles, for instance if you’re looking for something bright for summer, you would look to incorporate something like mint, lime, or lemon myrtle, but if you were going something for a cold winter’s night, you’d look to make something with pepperleaf, ginger, or dark berries.

Gin is an incredibly versatile spirit, and has gin lovers all across Australia trying the latest innovations by trusted small batch distilleries. Whether that’s being sipped on ice, with tonic, or in a gin cocktail, this spirit is something you will see the most range and variety out of.

Thanks to the growing popularity of craft gin in Australia, distilleries have been able to champion a lot of local, native ingredients in their gin mash to create a distinct flavour that is uniquely Australian.

Thanks to the wide range of flavours, gin cocktails have become increasingly popular both in bars and at home, whether it be a negroni or a simple gin martini.