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Friday Frothies – 3 Ravena Moussey Juicy Review

Brendan Leenders’ Staff Pick

3 Ravens Moussey Juicy Chocolate Milkshake NEIPA (New England Black India Pale Ale)

ABV: 6%

When I saw this come out, I knew I had to give this a try (because of my sweet tooth). I absolutely love black IPAs and add in the juicy factor and the fact they ‘shaked’ it up with the addition of lactose and pectin – this was going to be a winner in my books.

Transferring this into the glass it pours like a black IPA, but not a solid black surprisingly, then that sweetness hits your sinuses. You can literally smell the creaminess! A touch of decadent chocolate from the roasted malts and a hoppy nose. The fluffy white head brings the vanilla to the forefront and tastes delightful.

The myriad of flavours that pass over the palate is amazing. The creamy vanilla head, the body of sweet chocolate, and finishing on the back with the typical hoppy IPA’s.

3 Ravens Brewery have outdone themselves on this one in my opinion and I cannot be certain I will leave everyone else some of these, so you will have to be fast. Now I’m off to the kitchen to whip up some fluffy mousse for dessert tonight, and I think a can of this will go into the mixture.