Friday Frothies – A Local Beer XPA Review

Hey Guys!

Happy Friday! Hope you are all surviving being locked inside and not going too crazy.

My beer of choice for this week comes from a little brewery out of Melbourne who are doing great things in the community –  A Local Beer.

Their aim is to make a difference in the community through the simple enjoyment of sharing a beer.

What they do is for every pint or 6 pack sold, they donate the equivalent of a meal to someone in need through their partnership with “SecondBite”.

To date they have fundraised enough for almost 10,000 meals.

The beauty is though, you, as an avid beer drinker… you are helping with this cause. And all you have to do is purchase an XPA that is crisp, clean and delicious.

It is not too hoppy, has plenty of flavour and is very easy to drink! As stated, a very crisp and refreshing Extra Pale.

So now with everything going on, it would be a perfect time to not only support local (literally) but also join in a cause that is helping your fellow peers in the community. Especially the ones that need it!

Have a look for the XPA on the Craft Cartel Website and make sure you add it to your next order!

Drink Up and Stay Safe!

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Reviewed by Special Guest Reviewer @brewtifully_brewed