Akasha Canada Bay Ale

Friday Frothies – Akasha Canada Bay Ale Review

What a beautiful looking beer.

Poured the Canada Bay Ale by Akasha Brewing this week and was pleasantly surprised.

Being from Melbourne, I had no idea where Canada Bay was and spent of lot of time wondering what the Canadians did differently to their ales. Only to find out that this is actually a suburb in Sydney (I’m a dumbass).

But regardless of where this yeast was fermented, it is a lovely, easy drinking beer.

Canada Bay Ale is a beautiful “Aussie Ale” with low bitterness, and large hints of stone fruit on the nose. The low bitterness and moderate ABV essentially allows this beer to pour down the gullet like water, but keeping it a little more enjoyable with the tropical flavours from the locally grown hops at the same time.

If you are looking for a nice refreshing ale to take to a mate’s place for a few day drinks, this is the beer for you. Light bodied, low bitterness and tasty, creating a overall great beer experience.

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See ya next Friday!