Friday Frothies – Big Shed Indie IPA Review


Hey Guys, Happy Friday!

Weather is starting to get warmer, Beers are getting colder and Christmas is getting closer.

So what better way than cracking a Single Hop IPA from Big Shed Brewing.

Big Shed always brings the heat when it comes to IPAs, with big, juicy, bitter beers. This is no different.

Though not as bitter as some of the Big Shed’s I have had, this IPA definitely ticks that juicy box. Plenty of Peach and Lychee flavours swirlin around and plenty of Citrus and Passionfruit on the nose.

Wouldn’t say this is a thick IPA, but definitely has a bit of cushion and cloud about it. Not overly hazy, plenty of flavour and a beautiful 6.4% to really give it some kick.

Definitely keen for them to keep this as a regular.

Until then though, snap it up while you can.

Drink up!

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Reviewed by Special Guest Reviewer @brewtifully_brewed