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Friday Frothies – Black Hops Operation ‘Code Red’ Review

Brendan Leenders’ Friday Staff Pick

Black Hops Operation ‘Code Red’

ABV: 6.2%

On June 17th 2016, Eddie Oldfield, Dan Norris & Michael (Govs) McGovern realised their dream when Black Hops Brewery opened on the beautiful Gold Coast of Queensland. Happy 2nd birthday guys!

Since then, they have been ‘360 no-scoping’ their opposition of late by winning the coveted award of ‘Champion Small Brewery’ this past month – and well deserved! They have been producing some amazing beers, and I am pleased to review one of my favourites.

Pouring a deep ruby red colour topped with a whispy off-white head and excellent carbonation; the result is an amazing contrast in the glass. The look is delectable for any malt-forward lover of beer.

Inhaling the aromas, you get the classic rich toffee body and a small hint of vanilla and citrus.

The beer displays the toffee experience, and wafting sensations of a clean minimal yeast and notes of a light citrus tang. On the palate, sapidity and softness combine making it an enjoyable brew that you cannot stop at just the one.

I recommend grabbing a 4 pack as you will want another for any red aficionados like me, and while you are there you may as well check out the rest of their range. Two new beers, the Super Hornet IIPA and the new Fiens Imperial Eggnog Stout will be available at Craft Cartel Liquor next week. Get your pre-orders in today to avoid disappointment.

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