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Friday Frothies – Bodriggy Zooter Doozy Review

Bodriggy Zooter Doozy
ABV: 5.1%

Reviewed by Special Guest Reviewer @brewtifully_brewed

Happy Friday everybody, and a warm welcome back to another Frothy Friday review.

The review this week is my personal favourite in this month’s subscription box. Coming in the form of a Kettle Sour conditioned with naturally fermented Pinot Gris grapes brewed by Bodriggy Brewery in collaboration with Little Reddie Winery.

In a brief summary of the beer, Pinot Gris juice and grapes are added to the 48hour Kettle sour during early ferment, in turn partly fermenting the beer from the natural yeast from the grape skins.

If you have no idea on what any of that means? Good! Neither did I at first, but what I did know is that this beer is bloody delicious.

A sour and zesty punch at first but a crisp, refreshing finish makes this sour the perfect beer for beer lovers and wine lovers a like.

A low acidity and moderate ABV means you can knock back a few more usual and that is what you will want to do after you finish the first.

Though this review is slightly bias due to my major love of sours, I would still recommend for any cider, white wine and beer lovers to go out and find this beer and appreciate the time, effort and creativity some brewers go to, to make the perfect drop.

Until next week!