Friday Frothies – Bondi XPA Review

Happy Friday Everyone!

Last beer from last months box is the XPA or Extra Pale Ale by Ben Buckler Brewery.

Great little beer produced by this bunch. Like its namesake, it is very much like the waters at Bondi. Crisp, clear and oh so cold (but that may have been helped by the Melbourne weather).

Quite a low bitterness combined with a moderate to heavy carbonation to keep things little interesting  in the mouthfeel compartment.

This beer is floral, fruity and refreshing AF.

Always love a session-able beer and this is a perfect example of one. Great for all craft beer drinkers and non-craft drinkers. Not too hoppy, yet not too wheaty or malty. A happy medium for lager and IPA lovers alike.

The only downside is that I drank it in the middle of Winter as opposed to Summer.

But until next week.

Drink Up.

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Reviewed by Special Guest Reviewer @brewtifully_brewed