brick lane red hoppy ale

Friday Frothies – Brick Lane Red Hoppy Ale Review

Brewery: Brick Lane Brewing Co
Style: RED ALE
ABV: 5.3%

Reviewed by Special Guest Reviewer @brewtifully_brewed

Welcome back to another Frothy Friday. Apologies for another Red Ale review, but if you are not getting around the red ale movement at the moment, you are really missing out.

I am sure by now you have all heard of the up and coming brewery that is Brick Lane. A Brewery in the South East of Melbourne, putting out some quality beers at a quality cost which is helping us not only save some of our pennies in this inflated craft beer industry but delivering us a fine beverage whilst doing so.

And of course.

The Red Hoppy Ale is of no exception.

Layered with three caramel malt and brewed with 4 of the finest hops circulating, Centennial, Simcoe, Armarillo and Mosaic. This sweet, stone fruity goodness is bursting with flavours and aromas, leaving you wanting more and more after each sip.

But not only does this beer taste good, it looks even better.

Red Ales are one of my favourite beers to pour into a glass, that dark amber-y goodness just really makes my knees weak. You can really see that malt body in full force, along with a nice firm frothy head that just compliments the pour. The more you stare at this beer, the more you start to appreciate the complexity of the brew.

But enough of my wet beer dreams.

Sitting at a solid 5.3% this beer is perfect for any occasion at any time of year. If you see it, be sure to buy it, it is just so smooth.

Until next week

brick lane red hoppy ale