Friday Frothies – Dad & Dave’s Brewing #1 Pale Ale Review

If you are currently reading this, it means that you have survived another working week. So try to sit back, relax and crack a nice cold beverage on the couch with your feet up.

The beverage of choice for this week is the Dad & Dave’s Brewing Pale, which came in this month’s subscription box.

Being a small brewery from Brookvale, NSW I have never seen or even heard of anything from this crew before which is always an exciting time trying something new. And from the moment the liquid hit the glass, I knew this was going to be a beauty.

Low carbonation and a beautiful golden colour are the first things that stood out. Not low carbonation in the sense that it was flat, but it was very smooth, almost water like to drink which is perfect for a beer that you want to drink 100 of.

A beautiful subtle fruity flavour, mixed with the sweetness of the malt and very low bitterness, creating a beer that would be perfect on any occasion.

Luckily for us subscribers the subscription box comes in twos.Meaning I can crack this beauty again.

Drink Up.

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Reviewed by Special Guest Reviewer @brewtifully_brewed