Friday Frothies – Foghorn Newy Pale Review

N E W Y  P A L E  A L E

Pale Ale weather is finally upon us. Not that you cannot enjoy a pale in the colder, cloudier months – but how good is a pale ale in the sun?

Easy drinking, don’t have to think too much about them and not overly strong, so they don’t sit you on your bum.

Foghorn Brewery Newy Pale Ale ticks pretty much all of those boxes.

I liked how their description on the can as it really hits the nail on the head “Hops added as late as possible, maxing out the fruity hop flavour and aroma without maxing out the bitterness”

Sweet, Low Bitterness and heaps tasty. Very fruity vibe about it, and a deliciously sweet aroma.

 A very sessionable pale ale that could be demolished anywhere and everywhere.

Love the beer and will be looking for it when I finally get to leave my house in Melbourne.

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Reviewed by Special Guest Reviewer @brewtifully_brewed