Friday Frothies – Fox Hat Phat Mongrel Stout Review

P H A T  M O N G R E L

This little beauty slipped through the cracks from the last box – but I personally really enjoyed this so much I cannot not write about it.

An Oatmeal Stout by Fox Hat Brewing – as described on the can as an American Style stout finished with a Nitro Charge this beer is dark, creamy and ever so delightful.

Pours like a perfect stout, with a thicccc creamy head and nice and dark, as a winter beer should be. The head though is foamy yet creamy, hence the nitro comparison. Sat nicely for a while and even while drinking ended up with a Stout Moustache.

Heaps of roasted malty flavours and aromas as per your normal stout, but plenty of chocolate and coffee notes as well.

Smooth, Sweet and Slightly seductive – Finishing and immediately wanting more.

Great beer for Stout lovers and even people who do not usually drink them, as the sweetness with the slight bitterness from the hops make it a great beer for non stout lovers too.

Until next week.

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Reviewed by Special Guest Reviewer @brewtifully_brewed