Friday Frothies – Frenchies Tropical BRUT IPA Review

H O P  C H A M P A G N E

Hey Guys!

Happy Friday again. Only a few more left until the end of the year now. The weather is also warming up which means the beers get tastier and more refreshing each day.

This week’s beer of choice goes to a brewery I am very fond of, possibly because I have a Frenchie myself or the fact that they put out very good beers on a regular basis.

This Tropical Brut IPA is an acquired taste though, I will say now that not everyone will like it due to its dry, crisp body – but those who do dig that wine white, champagne sort of taste will thrive with this beer.

A very fruity aroma and taste, but still manages to keep that dry IPA bitterness. This is definitely a warm weather beer or like Frenchies describe it as – a beer to celebrate any occasion.

Definitely worth a crack if you are looking to broaden your beer horizons.

Drink up!!!

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Reviewed by Special Guest Reviewer @brewtifully_brewed