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Hawkers Circus Oz Strong Pale Ale

Friday Frothies – Hawkers Circus Oz Strong Pale Ale Review

It is scary just how fast these reviews are coming around at the moment.

I think there is only about 10 or 11 before Christmas which is terrifying, so to slow life down a little bit this week I had a beautiful pale ale by Hawkers called ‘CIRCUS OZ’ brewed for our national touring circus.

Pale ales are always a great go to beer because they are usually very hard to get wrong. With the craft market flooded with Pales already and the IPA, NEIPA and Hazy craze that is sweeping the country, it is very hard for a pales to stand out.

This beer is just so good that I couldn’t help but choose it for this week. Brewed to absolute perfection, this light bodied, full flavoured, refreshing pale is one to drink again. A beautiful fruity and floral aroma coming from the cup and a relatively soft bitterness and very generous ABV, creates a very easy drinking ale.

For such high preforming circus, you need a high performing beer… and that is just what Hawkers have done.

Makes me want to go buy a ticket just so I can sit and drink the beers.

Drink Up.

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Reviewed by Special Guest Reviewer @brewtifully_brewed