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Hope Estate “Newy” Pacific Lager

Friday Frothies – Hope Estate “Newy” Pacific Lager Review

Another week has flown by and a few good beverages have been sunk.

This week’s pick of choice is a Pacific Lager by Hope Brewery.

Being a big fan of the Pacific Ales, I was really excited to try a fruity lager version. I love the fruitiness and session-ability from other Pacific Ales, they make a great fridge filler and base beer when you are drinking with friends.

The lager version from Hope is no different.

Great fruity flavours permeating the cup, a little bit piney on the nose as well which is a great complement to the flavour. And of course, a beautiful light refreshing body to create that session-ability that I was talking about earlier.

I assume the difference between this and other Pacific Ales is that this was fermented under Lager conditions (eg. yeast and temperature), which gives this beer a less hoppier taste about it.

But, I am a big fan.

This is a fantastic summer beer.

Drink Up.

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Reviewed by Special Guest Reviewer @brewtifully_brewed