Friday Frothies – Jetty Road XPA Review

Friday Frothies – Jetty Road XPA Review

Happy Friday Everybody!

Hope you’re not stuck inside being quarantined this weekend. But if you are, maybe try ordering a subscription box delivered to your front door so you don’t need to leave the house. 😉

Anyway, this week I have ventured away from the sours that you guys are probably sick of hearing about and went for an XPA (Extra Pale Ale) by Jetty Road Brewing.

Big fan of Pales and XPAs, because I love how refreshing and crisp a good pale is. The Jetty Road XPA is no exception.

Piney and Citrusy, this beautiful looking brew is as crisp and refreshing as they come.

Sometimes breweries can get a little heavy handed with the hops and can create quite a bitter XPA but the fact that they have managed to control the hop urge, Jetty Road have created a sessionable 5%er with enough bitterness to keep things interesting.

If you are after a great beer to drink after a long day or one to have to start your night, this is your beer.

Stay safe everyone and make sure you stay away from those Coronas!

Drink Up.

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Reviewed by Special Guest Reviewer @brewtifully_brewed