Friday Frothies – Mismatch Evil Archie’s Red IPA Review

First beer out of the subscription box for this month.

Some of you may have already seen my little teaser I did on my Instagram the other night but boy, what a beer by Mismatch Brewing.

Evil Archie’s Red IPA is exactly what the title describes it as, a beautiful malt forward IPA with a picturesque crimson colour.

With most IPAs, the hops really take control of the beer. But with this fantastic malt structure there becomes a perfect balance of caramel maltiness and straight up hop bitterness, creating no real dominant ingredient.

The hops of course, still create some lovely dank and tropical aromas. So make sure you pour it into a glass for better enjoyment.

Now, with both the malt and hops putting in an equal performance to create such a delicious beer, you would expect this to sit somewhere between 3-4.3%. But instead, they have graced us with not only a tasty ale but an IPA that sits at 6.6% and goes down like water.

Having never tried anything from Mismatch before, I will be looking for more from them in the future.

Now to choose what beer to drink next?

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Reviewed by Special Guest Reviewer @brewtifully_brewed