Friday Frothies – Moon Dog Old Mate Review

With the amount of different beers Moon Dog release every month and the amazing Moon Dog World that they have to run, it’s amazing that they have any time to produce a core range.

But, Old Mate must be that trusty pale they obviously love to make, as I think it’s probably the one Moon Dog beer that I see in every bar.

With its fruity and citrusy notes, its light carbonated body and beautiful subtle bitterness, this pale is enjoyable in all types of weather and occasions.

Its zesty taste keeps it refreshing yet tasty at the same time. Keeps you wanting more, yet allows you to finish it in 30 seconds.

If you are looking for an everyday sesh beer, a great fridge filler or even an afternoon treat… have a look for Old Mate.


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Reviewed by Special Guest Reviewer @brewtifully_brewed