Friday Frothies – Moon Dog Timothy Tamothy Slamothy Milk Stout Review

Hey Guys,

Welcome back to another Friday.

With the weather getting a little colder, I thought I would crack one of the darker beers, and what better beer to do it with – Timothy Tamothy Slamothy Chocolate Biscuit Milk Stout by Moon Dog.

With obviously a heavy chocolate focus, this beer isn’t too chocolatey…which is a plus. The darker malt combined with the chocolate flavour and lactose really give it a mocha feel, which is quite easy to drink.

It is not too heavy, rather a lighter stout but the lactose addition really smooths it over and really ties everything together nicely.

I am a little disappointed that I forgot my Tim Tam to actually slam it back, but even without the biscuit, this is quite a nice stout.

Moon Dog have really upped their game lately with the beers they have been putting out and hopefully Moon Dog World will be up and pumping once again soon. But until then, buy one of these and sit back and relax.

Until next week.

Drink up.

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Reviewed by Special Guest Reviewer @brewtifully_brewed