Friday Frothies – Prancing Pony Stage Roadie Review

Well Friday sneaks up on you when all of your days are the same!

Two weeks of isolation down and to celebrate, I have cracked open a middy by Prancing Pony called Stage Roadie.

I must say, I was a little hesitant when I saw a middy in the subscription box but wowee, i was wrong.

Just a standard ale with a moderate ABV doesn’t sound very appealing, but let me tell you, that what this lacks in alcohol – it makes up in flavour.

With the tropical flavour and low bitterness from the hops, combined with the soft, low carbonated mouthfeel, this beer is no doubt one of the most sessionable I have had.

If you need a great fridge filler, this is your beer. Perfect beer if you want something to drink and not have to think about it or be too adventurous!

Now remember, stay safe, support local and drink up!

See ya next week!

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Reviewed by Special Guest Reviewer @brewtifully_brewed