Friday Frothies – Riverside 69 Summer Ale Review

Brad Kingsman’s Friday Staff Pick!

Riverside 69 Summer Ale
ABV: 4.6%

Riverside Brewing Co. happens to be our close neighbour – located only a hop, skip and a jump from our bottle shop. They have a variety of beers in their core range to please any beer swiller, including:

33 Golden Ale
44 American Amber Ale
55 Pale Ale
69 Summer Ale
77 India Pale Ale
88 Robust Porter

They also have the bigger brother to 77… the 777 Imperial IPA, Othello’s Curse Imperial Black IPA, Black Peril Imperial Stout and the most recent that I have seen – Hex XPA.

However today we focus on the 69 Summer Ale!

A bubbly and beautiful brew, which certainly captures the brightness of an Aussie summer. Bursting with passionfruit and citrus on the nose it will lure you in to take a nice big mouthful.

Here you’ll be met with a lightly malty beverage with just enough passionfruit/citrus hop characters to please a hop lover, but not so much to offend the newcomers to the craft beer world.

For those trying to coax their friends to the craft-side give this to them, if they already like Stone & Wood Pacific Ale this is a perfect next step, as Galaxy is the primary hop used in both beers.

All in all this is a brilliant little number from Parramatta, the perfect summer smasher, great for a day in the backyard around the BBQ or by the pool.