Friday Frothies – Slipstream Hop Burst Craft Cartel Colab Strata/Citra Review

H O P  B U R S T  I P A

Hey Guys!

Only a few sleeps until the big man arrives, so I thought I would choose a great beer for you to leave out for him.

This week, we have the second collab from our collection – HOP BURST IPA from Slipstream x Craft Cartel.

Firstly, this is delicious (and not just because it is ours).

Secondly, this packs a punch. Not only in flavour, but this sits at a solid 6.2% ABV.

Going back to the flavour though – thanks to the hop bursting technique of adding hops extremely late into the boil, we really get to see both the strong characteristics of the Strata and the Citra hops.

With both being hops that give off tropical vibes, you can probably guess what strong characteristics are coming through. But the balance out nicely and create a beautiful little bitterness that is not overpowering or underwhelming.

If you do want to leave this out for Santa on Christmas eve, please remember to put some food out with it or water for him to have afterwards – such heavy beers at midnight could be dangerous.

Have a great Christmas everyone!!!

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Reviewed by Special Guest Reviewer @brewtifully_brewed