Two Birds India Pale Ale

Friday Frothies – Two Birds India Pale Ale Review

First review from the July subscription this week everybody. It was a tough choice as well because the 8 beers are so bloody good this month.

But I couldn’t go past one of my favourite breweries (if not favourite) in Two Birds Brewing.

I love everything that these ladies bring out and have spent a lot of my time and money drinking their beers in the past.

This IPA will now become one of the regulars to add to the list.

From the first pour, all I got was large mango and passionfruit aromas, giving me strong vibes of their ‘Passion Victim’ that I have devoured many litres of over the years.

This though, is a little bit more complex than that. With a beautiful hoppy bitterness that is not too strong and a light malty body to smooth it out, complementing these amazing fruity aromas and flavours.

If you are looking for an introduction IPA or a solid fridge filler, get yourself some of these. This great IPA from a great brewery, who are only going to get bigger from here.

Can’t recommend them highly enough.

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Reviewed by Special Guest Reviewer @brewtifully_brewed