Friday Frothies – Vale Tropical Ale Review

Now that the summer months are over and we are deep into the winter feels, lighter more refreshing beers start to become obsolete from our fridges at home. We start to go darker with our beers and warmer with our foods, curling ourselves up into warm cosy balls of sadness, waiting for the sun to reappear.


This delicious Pale is brewed by a small South Ausralian brewery who go by the name Vale.

Located in McClaren Flat, nice and close to the coast line, Vale heave created a beer that taste great not only on a hot 40C day down at the beach, but also a beer that tastes just as good when it’s pissing down and you’re locked inside.

A nice juicy hop flavour, accompanied by hints of tropical and summer stone fruits for taste and a lovely tropical aroma makes this a very sessionable and enjoyable beer all year round.

I personally, cannot fault this beer.

It ticks all the boxes for a good pale and then plus some. From its delicious taste to its superb aroma, this beer really is a good beer to have whenever you are thirsty.

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Reviewed by Special Guest Reviewer @brewtifully_brewed