Yulli's Slick Rick's Rampaging Red Ale Review

Friday Frothies – Yulli’s Slick Rick’s Rampaging Red Ale Review

It was a tough one choosing which beer to write about for the last selection from this month’s subscription box. There were so many great beers that it could have easily been one of three, but I have decided to go with one of the last beers I pulled out of the fridge.

Slick Rick’s Rampaging Red Ale by Yulli’s Brews is a perfect example of how a red ale should be made.

With a beautiful crimson colour in the cup and plenty of caramel flavours from the malt, complemented with tons of fruity aromas, this 6.2% beauty is one smooth operator.

A dry, crisp, refreshing finish and a moderate bitterness to go along with a beautiful tasting beer.

If you are looking for a good red ale, make sure you give this a try because this is a cracker.

Until next week.

Drink Up.

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Reviewed by Special Guest Reviewer @brewtifully_brewed