Friday Frothies – Seis Hermanos Lager Review

We’re bringing back staff picks! When it comes to craft beer our team is super knowledgeable. So, every Friday we’re going to share what they’re cracking open at knock-off time, starting with Brad Kingsman…

Seis Hermanos Lager
The Australian Brewery
ABV: 4.5%
IBU: 16

I’ll kick off with a happy surprise of a beer! Seis Hermanos Lager is a refreshing brew from the folks at The Australian Brewery in Rouse Hill, Sydney.

It’s brewed with not only barley but maize and oats to add to the overall body and mouth feel of this beer. Liberty, Mosaic and Chinook hops are used in a fine balance to give it beautiful mango and citrusy characters.

Now to explain why this is a surprise… I am not your typical lager fan, I do enjoy them when brewed well and this beer is certainly on the mark! The rep. from The Australian Brewery convinced me to try it… talking up the flavour profile like any rep, or any bit of advertising would… but I buckled in the end and I am glad I did!

Straw to golden in colour, pours with a lovely bubbly white head that bursts with light fruity aromas. This beer would be perfect for a warm day, a hot day, on vacation.. or even if you want to sit in your house on a winter’s day reflecting on happy times in the sun.

Whether you are a hop head, an easy going lager drinker, new to beer or a seasoned barleywine expert, this beer is worth stocking in your fridge for yourself and for all!

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