Happy World Cider Day!

To mark World Cider Day on Wednesday, June 3rd, cider lovers around the globe are doing a collective cheers for their favourite apple bevvy!

Depending on where you live, this refreshing drink is referred to as Siidera, Jabolčnik, Cidre, Cider or Sidra. From Argentina to Australia, cider is enjoyed in over 20 countries.

On World Cider Day, we are shining the spotlight on our country’s unique craft cider; we’ll be raising a glass for the Aussie fruit growers and artisan cider makers who produce it.

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Shop Our Favourite Aussie Craft Ciders

Small Batch Cider Box – 8 Pack
Crisp and refreshing, we’ve chosen the best ciders from across Australia, along with a favourite from New Zealand. Made with the finest apples and pears, these ciders have the perfect balance of fruit acidity and sweetness. 

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Lobo Apple & Pear Cider
Full flavour, slightly lighter and fruity, plenty of apple softened with 20% pear, delicious. Preservative and gluten free.

Alpine Cider Pink Lady Sweet
There is quite a rare balance in this Alpine Cider. In drier ciders, it’s easy to lose the intensity of the fruit. That’s not the case here. The crisp fruity pink lady is the hero of the show. It is as crisp as the mountain air and as clean as fresh snow. At the tail end, there is a gentle blast of a green apple acid hit.

Two Birds Apple Cider
It’s the perfect balance of sweet and dry and the ideal thirst quencher. Made with 100% Australian apple juice.

Bilpin Original Cider
Bilpin Original Cider is pure, fresh apple cider delivering a perfectly balanced taste with a crisp apple aroma. They have achieved this by sourcing fresh apples (Granny Smiths and Pink Ladies) from Bilpin and the surrounding region. These apples have undergone a gentle crush to ensure we retain the delicate fruit characters and aromatics.

Big Shed Cherry Popper
Cherry Popper is an apple (90%) cherry (10%) sparkling cider style that Big Shed has worked direct with the Adelaide Hills growers to source. A very different kind of cider with an ABV of 8.5%.

Small Acres Cyder Appscato
Appscato reflects the style of cider produced in Brittany, France. It has intense apple flavours with aromas of apple blossom, fruit driven with a light fizzante and clean finish.