Meet Nigel Ayling – Founder Of ‘We Love Craft Beer’

Here is some news hot off the press…we’re teaming up with Australian online craft beer community – We Love Craft Beer!

We Love Craft Beer provides all sorts of handy resources including beer reviews, industry news and a craft beer venue directory. Plus joining the community is a great way to connect with fellow craft beer fans. So, if you enjoy a bit of beer banter like us, get involved!

To learn more about We Love Craft Beer take a look at our interview with the community’s founder Nigel Ayling.

What do you love most about the Australian craft beer industry?
The Australian Craft Beer industry is flourishing at the moment with exciting new breweries opening up regularly and existing breweries experimenting with some great new styles. In the last 5 years Australian brewers have really lifted the standard with our beers now on par with many of the bigger more established brewers from overseas. It’s so good now, you don’t really have to buy anything from overseas any more.

How did the ‘We Love Craft Beer’ community come about?
I was part of another craft beer FB group which was great, but they didn’t really want to grow it or do anything different. They just posted reviews and not much else. I wanted to create a place that was fun to be part of, educational and informative, but most of all was about engaging with the members and the wider craft beer community. The great thing about our group is we have people at all different stages of their beer journey and we encourage and support all of those members, even the ones that have just found craft beer for the first time.

What is your number one piece of advice for drinkers who are new to craft beer but are interested in getting into it?
Try everything at least once, and if you don’t like that style or the brewer don’t write it off all together. Come back and try the style again later, or try other styles from the same brewer. I can remember the first time I tried a Stout I didn’t like it, now I love them. The same goes for Sours. Your palate changes over time, so just keep trying new beers, you never know, the next one might be the best one you have had yet.

Tell us what craft beer enthusiasts can expect when they join ‘We Love Craft Beer’?
From day one you will be welcomed by everyone, we are not pretentious or hard core craft beer nuts, we welcome everyone. Membership to our group is Free and it entitles you to discounts on products and services instantly. We also have theme night each week like Trivia, arrange meet ups at festivals and events, and our website has heaps of useful information including a Craft Beer Finder app.

What are you drinking right now?
I am drinking Red Ales, Red IPA’s and any other Red I can get my hands on, I just love them. I love the malt characteristics of a good red, and the balance between Malt and Hops. They have a lovely rich mouthfeel and are perfect drinking for this time of year.