Meet Our Beer Reviewer: Benny Dalton

Melbournian Benny Dalton has been reviewing the craft beers in our Monthly Subscription Boxes for yonks now, so we felt it was high time we introduced you to this legend.

Benny is the creator of the awesome Instagram account @brewtifully_brewed and is a complete craft beer tragic like us.

We loved Benny’s reviews and beertography so much that we invited him to come on board as our Resident Beer Reviewer. Each week, you can check out his Friday Frothy Review on our blog.

In this interview, Benny shares the craft beer that made him turn his back on VB, what his family thinks of his passion for craft, and why he loves the Aussie craft beer industry.

What’s the schooner that got you into craft beer? 
I have had an interest in craft beer for a while now but my first introduction and the moment that stands out most was when I was at the tender age of about 16/17 (oops) and a friend had purchased Beez Neez and Minimum Chips by Matilda Bay. Probably not the craftiest of beers, but tastier than the VB and Carlton Draught that I was devouring back in those days.

Tell us a bit about yourself (work, family, other hobbies etc.)?
A bit about myself…well, I am 26 with two beautiful little boys (7 & 2) and married to my ever supportive wife. They love breweries as much as I do, so we try to visit as many family friendly taprooms as possible. I literally just finished up my role as a Business Development Manager for a Commercial Cleaning Company this week, but start my new role as a Car Salesman for Peugeot first week of March which is exciting. Finally, my hobbies include beer (obviously) and a lot of family time. I also love my AFL and Cricket which I watch religiously.

Have you ever contemplated throwing in your 9 to 5 job to work in the craft beer industry? 
Oh, 100 times a day. If I could find something in the industry, relatively close to home my resignation would be in tomorrow.

What does your family think of your craft beer passion? 
They love it. My wife steals my Sours and Gose. Brother and Father in-law steal my Brown and Amber Ales and my brother would take my fridge if it wasn’t plugged into the wall.

Do many of your mates share your love of a craft brew or are they more mainstream beer drinkers?
Luckily for me, my best mate is the one who purchased the Beez Neez and Minimum Chips that I was talking about earlier. We try to go to as many beer related festivals as possible, along with my brother. All my other mates are slowly coming around, their taste buds will mature with age 🙂

What’s your preferred craft beer style(s)?
Don’t get me wrong, I love all beer. But I can’t go past a good Sour, Gose, Berliner Weisse, XPA, Pale or Fruity Ale.

Tell us the best craft beer you’ve tried recently?
I tried a Sangria Sour the other day by Dainton Brewery that was absolutely to die for. Combined my love of Sangria and Sours together, I will be purchasing more ASAP!

Do you have any advice for beer lovers interested in dipping their toe in the craft beer world? What beer would you recommend they start with?
Try something similar to what you already like. My wife hated beer, but I introduced her to Sours, Gose and Berliner Weisse. Nice light, tasty and refreshing beers and now she loves them. My other mates love their Lagers, so you try and find them a craft Lager another beer that is more beery than fruity like a Hefeweizen or a Golden or Steam Ale. Keep it simple.

Your Instagram account @brewtifully_brewed has quickly gained a strong following. What inspired you to start the account?
Thank you! A few reasons I guess. First was to document all the random beers I was drinking, I didn’t really like using Untappd, but I knew how to work Instagram with my eyes closed. Secondly, I was hoping it might eventually lead to a job in the industry. It is an industry that I would love to be further involved in and something I could see myself enjoying for the rest of my life.

What do you love most about the Australian craft beer scene?
Obviously our beers are 100x better than anywhere else, so that is a big plus. But the main reason would be how close everyone is. Breweries working with other breweries to create magical brewery babies. Online pages and meet ups that allow other beer drinkers to trade beers and share information with each other. It really is just one giant family, no matter what state or city. Everyone just loves the beer.