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Akasha Brewing Co. Pack 2.0

It just keeps getting better and better! The thirteenth installment of our Brewery Series brings you a sensational pack from Akasha Brewing Company in Sydney’s inner west. If you’re an IPA lover, you’ll want to jump on this. The brewery’s owner and head brewer, Dave Padden is renowned for his exceptional hop driven beers, and this exclusive pack features Akasha’s brand new Double Hazy Mosaic IPA that has just been canned. A complimentary Akasha trucker hat and free delivery is also included. Enjoy!
*Can’t be purchased in-conjunction with other special offers.

What’s Included:
2 x Hopsmith IPA
2 x Mosaic IPA
2 x Freshwater Pale Ale
2 x Canada Bay XPA
2 x Little Smith IPA
1 x Double Hazy Mosaic IPA
1 x Akasha Trucker Hat
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Tasting Notes

Double Hazy Mosaic IPA 375ml 8% ABV
double-plus-good revelation of melon, tropical fruit and peach, Double Hazy takes lush to a new level. Big-flavoured yet exceptionally balanced with just a hint of bitterness – from the first, silky sip through to the juicy finish – it’s one hell of a beer.

Hopsmith IPA 6.8% 375ml ABV
The holy trinity of Amarillo, Simcoe and Centennial hops forms the heart of Hopsmith, a West Coast-style India Pale Ale that delivers you from boring beer with its citrus, pine and fruit notes, backed by an earthy, bitter finish that makes the heavens sing.

Mosaic IPA 6.8% 375ml ABV
A shining melon and stonefruit core of flavour elevates Mosaic to the sublime, with a lean malt profile bringing the virtues of the hops to the fore. Ending on a moderately bitter finish, it’s an India Pale Ale most worthy of tribute.

Freshwater Pale Ale 375ml 5.0% ABV
Resplendent with American Cascade hops, Freshwater is a divine gift of floral, fruity flavours in radiant harmony with a sweetish, malty backbone, resulting in a brilliantly refreshing, thirst-quenching Pale Ale so good it’s almost sinful.

Canada Bay XPA 375ml 4.2% ABV
Australian Cascade and Galaxy hops animate the waters of Canada Bay with light, spirited citrus and stonefruit flavours. With its restrained malt profile and satisfyingly bitter finish, Canada Bay may well become your new place of worship.

Little Smith IPA 375ml 3.5% ABV
Big hop flavours dominate this little IPA so don’t be fooled by the name. Little Smith IPA is low on abv but big on flavour, expect pine and fruit to explode out of your glass. Perfectly balanced, Little Smith is refreshing and delicious.



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