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Altina Drinks Light Me Up

  • ABV 0%
  • 750ML BOTTLE


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Light Me Up is powered by Australian native ingredients. This delicious fizz has spices that hit the back of your palette, apple and elderflower characters on the nose and a dry and delicate palate. It’s light, vibrant and easy to drink. There is a touch of sweetness, but the finish is dry. Recommended to be served in a flute.

Altina Snapshot

Finally, a ready-made alcohol-free option that tastes as good as it looks! Powered by plants with a focus on native and refreshing flavours, the bottled Zero Proof Craft Cocktails will add a touch of sophistication to any occasions.

Did you know?

All products use natural ingredients, contain no added sugar or random numbers and are preservative free. Conceived and manufactured in Canberra and run as a family business.

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