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Badlands Brewery BADASS – A series of 4 Strong Stouts

  • ABV 8%
  • 4 x 440ML CANS


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A collection of 4 limited release Badlands Brewing Stouts:
: Nitro Strong Stout
Duo: 100% Rum Barrel conditioned Nitro Strong Stout
Trinity: Cocoa and Vanilla infused Nitro Strong Stout
Quad: A combination Stout of the previous three.


Badass Singular, 440ml Can, ABV 8%

The first beer is  Singular, Nitro Strong Stout, it’s just the beer.  Four simple ingredients used in miraculous ways. Most Badlands ideas have been dreamed up over a beer or 2 with mates. This one was a lonely ISO-beer thought bubble that, without a wall to bounce off, rolled into a dark corner of Head Brewer and Founder Jon Shiner’s brain to fester. After much scraggly-lockdown-beard scratching it has slowly come to life in the real world….how peculiar!

Badass Duo, 440ml Can, ABV 8%
The second beer is Duo, Rum-Barrel Conditioned Nitro Strong Stout.  This contains 100% barrel-conditioned beer including finding a temporary home in the hallowed timber walls of an actual real-life Dead Man’s Drop barrel. The first and only barrel to be released from the distillery in its 12-year history.  Luckily for Badlands, Ian Glen founder and distiller-extraordinaire of Stone Pine Distillery, enjoys an ale from time-to-time… It’s time for some reflection, celebration and future-gazing as Badlands approaches its second decade, much like it’s first, with a passion and inexhaustible hunger for bringing dangerously drinkable beer to the world (with the same lack of cash in the bank!)

Badass Trinity, 440ml Can, ABV 8%
The third beer, Trinity, Cocoa & Vanilla Nitro Strong Stout uses incredible single-origin Vanuatuan Cacao beans expertly roasted by Spencer Cocoa of Mudgee twinned with the finest Aussie vanilla beans grown in the top-end by Broken Nose Vanilla. This batch of beer is Badlands’ 470th!  They have brewed around 600,000lt of beer in the last decade.  That’s around 1.6 million beers.

Badass Quad, 440ml Can, ABV 8%
The fourth and final beer is Quad, Cocoa and Vanilla, Rum-Barrel Conditioned Strong Stout it is the whole kit and kaboodle as the beer was originally conceived by Badlands’ Head Brewer Jon Shiner.  It is dense, deeply smooth, spicy but with a velvety, rounded complexity. A beer to sip and ponder the dark mysteries of the world.


Badlands Brewery was established in 2010 by ex-Pom Jon Shiner who has been executing his mission statement ever since: – “ To produce world-class, nationally recoqnised, full-flavoured premium beers, using the finest ingredients and best practice brewing processes” . Badlands beers can be found in virtually every self-respecting craft beer venue across NSW and the ACT and has recently started distribution into Victoria.  All Badlands Brewery’s beers are made only with malted wheat and barley, water, yeast and hops and come to you as nature intended – unfiltered and free of preservatives and additives. They will never contain cheap adjuncts favoured by the larger breweries, such as corn, rice or cane sugar and are hand-crafted, a 1000lt a time on a manual, hands-on brewhouse. Head Brewer Jon Shiner’s brewing philosophy is that Badlands’ beers should be deeply satisfying, characterful and interesting right to the bottom of your third pint.
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