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Hit Man 16 Pack (Monthly)

We hunt down Australia’s best craft beers and deliver them to your door.

As a member of the Craft Cartel Beer Club, you’ll receive 16 awesome craft beers (8 types of beer, 2 bottles/cans of each) monthly or quarterly. Just let us know how frequently you’d like your beer delivered.

Beers are selected for their uniqueness and flavour. We handpick a diverse range of styles from around the country, so we hope your taste buds are up for some action. Did you know there are over 500 craft breweries down under?

Unlike the Mexican drug cartels, it’s easy to get out of our club. You can cancel your membership anytime and we won’t come after you.

So, if you share our philosophy that life is too short for boring beer, join the club today.


  • 16 awesome craft beers (8 types of beer, 2 bottles/cans of each)
  • Tasting Notes
  • Crafty Wooden Bottle Opener (1st club case)
  • Glass Guide (1st club case)


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First payment: 14/09/2022