Black Friday Mix Pack

  • ABV: 4.4 – 6.0%
  • 375ML CANS

What’s Included:

2 x Pioneer Milkmaiden Double Choc Milk Stout
2 x Philter Old Ale
2 x Batch Brewing Elsie the Milk Stout
2 x Colonial Brewing Porter
2 x Big Shed Golden Stout Time

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Pioneer Milkmaiden Double Choc Milk Stout, 375ml Can, ABV 5.0%
Pioneer’s Milkmaiden is a Dark sessionable Stout with honeycomb head. Rich chocolate and coffee notes with a smooth creamy mouthfeel that lingers well after each sip. Lovely blends of chocolate with a pinch of coffee, a blend of Pioneer grown malts to create a smooth easy drinking stout.  Sip and enjoy!

Philter Old Ale, 375ml Can, ABV 4.5%
This is Philter’s take on a classic Aussie old. It’s a brewery ale crafted using roasted malts for a rich flavour full of chocolate and coffee notes with a medium bitter finish. It’s smooth, it’s dark, it’s old-school.

Batch Brewing Elsie the Milk Stout, 375ml Can, ABV 4.4%
This stout has lactose to offset the bitterness of the roasted malts used in brewing to create a nice balance of roast and sweetness. Also nitrogenation is used to create a cascade of tiny bubbles when you pour into a glass, which also give a smooth and creamy texture to the beer. Enjoy!

Colonial Brewing Porter, 375ml Can, ABV 6.0%
A combination of classic noble hop varieties and Australian grown Ella balance the malt with a gentle bitterness and a complimentary light tropical and spice aroma. Big and bold but not overpowering, it’s the perfect match for hearty, fire-kissed meats or dark chocolate desserts.

Big Shed Golden Stout Time, 375ml Can, ABV 5.4%
This beer is a tribute to the classic Golden Gaytime ice cream. It is brewed with cacao nuts, rice and specialty grain for that honey aroma then lactose for sweetness. Rich and sweet aromatics of honeycomb, chocolate and caramel without a hint of hops. The body is silky smooth, like a decadent milkshake, and carries a flavoursome mixture of honeycomb, chocolate and caramel.