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Bright Brewery Stubborn Imperial Stout 2022

  • ABV: 11.5%
  • 355ML CANS


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Embrace the darkness. Winter has come. Stubborn Imperial Stout is dark and decadent, with layers of sweet chocolate, dark espresso, and luscious vanilla. Enjoy now or hibernate away with it. Intense, rich roasted malt aroma and a hint of smoke. Full-bodied with flavours of espresso, dark chocolate, with a bittersweet finish. Will age exceedingly well.


Bright Brewery was born in 2005 from a passion for well-made beer, a love for the town of Bright and its pristine alpine environment, and the adventurous outdoors lifestyle that the High Country provides. The brewery was founded by Scott Brandon, his late wife Fiona Reddaway and their friends David and Julia, driven by a desire to make beer great and to share Bright’s spectacular surrounds and environment with everyone who passes through their town.

Between 2006 and 2011, their humble brewery and adjoining bar was housed in two small tin sheds, with only limited outdoor seating. In 2012, Bright Brewery underwent substantial redevelopment, transforming the small and simple brewery and bar into an environmentally considered, multipurpose, all-weather venue, with seating capacity for over 250 people. In 2014, Bright Brewery added a stunning Hop Terrace, providing the most attractive place in Bright to enjoy beers and meals outdoors. In 2018 after years of planning their new production brewery was established, just down the road from their existing brew house. Now with much greater capacity to brew Bright Brewery have been able to expand their range under the eye of head brewer Reid Stratton


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