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Co-Conspirators The Middleman Grapefruit IPA

  • IPA
  • ABV 7.4%
  • 355ML CANS


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This guy crosses borders like one crosses the street. He has his fingers in many pies and the long arm of the law will never catch him. Anything you need to appear or disappear he can do it. What appeared for the Matriarch in a pallet of grapefruit remains between them but all we know is the the left over grapefruit now fills this IPA with fresh flavour and acidity. Building on the background of Simcoe, Chinook and Citra that give drop a fresh citrus and pine hit. We have smuggled in fresh grapefruit juice from Market Juice to give this IPA a refreshing grapefruit kick.


The brainchild of two couples – Jacqui Sacco, Tim Martin, Maggie and Deon Smit, the origins of Co-Conspirators Brewing Company started off as hobby, but quickly became an obsession. Based in Melbourne, they are an independent brewing company that has started their journey partnering with great brewers across Melbourne to grow and learn from the craft beer family.


After enjoying the success of winning several home brew competitions, Co-Conspirators were given the exciting opportunity to re-brew their beloved recipes on a commercial scale. After seeing their beers being enjoyed in the hands of the public, the seed (grain) was planted and over a celebratory pint it was decided – they were starting their own brewing company.

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