Craft Cartel New Release Mixed Pack Mission #5

Attention Beerlovers!

Are you in pursuit of the best new-to-market beers – do not miss this week’s mission!

Our new release 10-pack is a cracker with IPAs, Stouts & Pale Ales from these awesome breweries: White Bay, 3 Ravens, Young Henrys, The Mill, Deeds, and Hope.

🕵️ Your mission, if you choose to accept: Try these 10 new release beers and report back! Share your beer reviews for a chance to be rewarded (see below). Improved craft beer knowledge is implicated.

  • ABV: 4.5 – 11.5%
  • 355ML – 440ML CANS
Mission #5 Includes:

2x White Bay Frontier Fields Hazy IPA
2x 3 Ravens Black Oatmeal Stout
2x Young Henrys X Volcom Beer’A’Dise Tropical Pale Ale
2x The Mill Brewery El Toro IPA
1x Deeds Glorious Purpose Blended Imperial Stout
1x Hope F-11.1% Jet Hazy Sabro IPA

Mission Accepted

For your chance to win a $50 beer voucher, share a photo & review of the brew on social, use the hashtag #craftcartelliquor and tag us @craft_cartel_liquor T&C’s apply.

Pack Value: $105

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White Bay Frontier Fields Hazy IPA, 355ml Can, ABV 6.8%
A beer inspired by pushing boundaries and taking the road less travelled. Double dry hopped with Mosaic, Strata and Lemon Drop hops.

3 Ravens Black Oatmeal Stout, 375ml Can, ABV 4.5%
A staple of the 3 Ravens range since 2003, “Black” is a smooth and silky stout with mild roast character and a creamy texture derived from oats. Now seasonally brewed to coincide with early winter, Black was given a facelift in line with our focus on fresh local malt and hops and to enhance drinkability. Black, back in 2020.
Aroma: Espresso, dark chocolate, roast malt, treacle.
Flavour: Dried fruit, cocoa, vanilla, long black, toffee.
Mouthfeel: Smooth, velvety, full bodied, mildly acidic.

Young Henrys X Volcom Beer’A’Dise Tropical Pale Ale, 375ml Can, ABV 4.7%
Welcome to Beer’a’dise! Let a tidal wave of Tropical Tranquility engulf you. Brewed in collaboration with Young Henrys great mates Volcom to celebrate their 30th Birthday, they’ve used a blend of Aussie, Kiwi, American and Slovenian hops to create notes of Mandarin, Pineapple and Citrus. A crispy, sessionable malt body in conjunction with an extra pale appearance, leaves you wanting more. Best enjoyed in the shade of a palm tree on a hot day, this summer smasher won’t be around for long!

The Mill Brewery El Toro IPA, 375ml Can, ABV 6.7%
A clean, full-flavoured piney and smooth West Coast styled IPA. The El Toro, for anymore familiar with the Mill IPA’s of old, is a mash-up of their Altered Beast and It Was All A Dream IPA’s. Combining the best of both beers for this instant classic.

Deeds Glorious Purpose Blended Imperial Stout, 440ml Can, ABV 11.5%
Deeds are burdened dear drinker, with a glorious purpose! To pull, rip, and stretch their imaginations to the furthest possible reaches, hoping they don’t snap leaving them in a spiralling delirium of sorts. They do this in order to bring a darkly delectable beverage to your lips. An imperial stout fermented on copious amounts of cherries and then blended with several bourbon barrels aging some of their many imperial stouts ultimately creating an intense, singular experience. Come along with them and try a truly worthy beverage As you, in the end, are their Glorious Purpose!

Hope F-11.1% Jet Hazy Sabro IPA, 375ml Can, ABV 11.10%
Bold and noisy just like a jet! It’s a massive Hazy IPA featuring Sabro hop. A very intense and hoppy beer with strong coconut flavours pop riveted together by bitterness and navigates its high alcohol for a perfect landing.


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