Craft Cartel New Release Mixed Pack Mission #6

Attention Beerlovers!

We’ve targeted the best new-to-market beers and bundled them up in our new release 10-pack.

The objective of this mission is clear. Requires a willingness to obtain new and interesting beers. Mission includes a Sour, IPAs and Pale Ales from these awesome breweries: Fixation, Bad Shepherd, Little Bang, Slow Lane, Riverside and Dainton.

🕵️ Your mission, if you choose to accept: Try these 10 new release beers and report back! Share your beer reviews for a chance to be rewarded (see below). Improved craft beer knowledge is implicated.

  • ABV: 3.8 – 8.0%
  • 355ML – 500ML CANS
Mission #6 Includes:

1x Fixation Mez Dorado Kettle Sour IPA
1x Bad Shepherd Double Juicy Hazy DIPA
2x Little Bang Beard Fiction American Pale Ale
2x Slow Lane Thirsty Miner Grisette Pale Belgian Ale
2x Riverside Tropico Juicy IPA
2x Dainton Juicetice Squad Super Juicy IPA

Mission Accepted

For your chance to win a $50 beer voucher, share a photo & review of the brew on social, use the hashtag #craftcartelliquor and tag us @craft_cartel_liquor T&C’s apply.

Pack Value: $93

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Fixation Mez Dorado Kettle Sour IPA, 500ml Can, ABV 6.8%
Freshly Hatched is Fixation’s series of one-off IPAs born out of their home, the incubator. Those beers they and their drinkers have loved, that deserve a wider release. These beers have had their incubation, and now they are Freshly Hatched. For the seventh instalment, this is ‘MezDorado’. MezDorado is an El Dorado dry hopped Kettle Sour IPA with organic agave syrup, orange, lime and premium Del Maguey San Luis del Rio Azul mezcal. Tart & salty, with subtle mezcal notes of earth and delicate smoke, and a slightly aged oak finish.

Bad Shepherd Double Juicy Hazy DIPA, 440ml Can, ABV 8%
Exploding with Citrus and Mango flavours. Smooth golden haze with full-bodied mouthfeel. Six hop varieties including the luscious new Samba and Trident. Also featuring the Sabro hop from our highly regarded Smashable SMASH-IPL.

Little Bang Beard Fiction American Pale Ale, 375ml Can, ABV 5.0%
A droplet of condensation teased the rim of his glass, the caramel highlights sparkled in the sun, the hop aroma rising, rising… His parched lips parted, and… Beard Fiction. This is an American Pale Ale of borderline-pornographic drinkability. Here at Little Bang, they like their Pales like they like their men: A bit nutty, not too bitter, and pretty damn fruity.

Slow Lane Thirsty Miner Grisette Pale Belgian Ale, 375ml Can, ABV 3.8%
Grisette is a historical style of beer from Belgium’s southern Hainaut province. It was originally brewed to quench the thirst of local miners. Like traditional recipes, it is low in alcohol and brewed with a large amount of wheat that gives it a light body and refreshing nature. The German and Czech hops contribute moderate bitterness with floral and spicy notes. Yeast driven fruity esters round out the flavour profile.

Riverside Tropico Juicy IPA, 375ml Can, ABV 6%
Deeds are burdened dear drinker, with a glorious purpose! To pull, rip, and stretch their imaginations to the furthest possible reaches, hoping they don’t snap leaving them in a spiralling delirium of sorts. They do this in order to bring a darkly delectable beverage to your lips. An imperial stout fermented on copious amounts of cherries and then blended with several bourbon barrels aging some of their many imperial stouts ultimately creating an intense, singular experience. Come along with them and try a truly worthy beverage As you, in the end, are their Glorious Purpose!

Dainton Juicetice Squad Super Juicy IPA, 355ml Can, ABV 6.5%
Not all heroes wear capes – some wear welly boots and hi-vis! Dedicated to fighting beer crime wherever it occurs, Captain Cam and the Juicetice Squad are bravely brewing for a better tomorrow.


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