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Deeds Choose Your Own Adventure Hazy DIPA

  • IPA
  • ABV: 8.9%
  • 440ML CANS


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You hit your local bottle shop and see multiple options on the shelf. If you didn’t choose Deeds turn to page 137. Otherwise keep reading. Carefully considering the selection, you reach out. Do you grab Choose Your Own Adventure or a different Hazy? If the latter turn to page 84. Otherwise keep reading. Later on at home the bubble gum forward Mosaic Single Hop Hazy DIPA is waiting in your fridge. If you leave it there turn to page 25. If you grab the cold tinnie, then congratulations, you got to Choose Your Own Adventure.


Quiet Deeds was established in 2012 by childhood friends Patrick Ale & David Milstein. Both the guys studied Engineering and always had a dream of owning their own brewery. Like most Uni students, they had zero cash but plenty of beer drinking experience. Not long after they graduated, they started dabbling in the alcohol industry importing international beers with the bigger plan to make enough money to be able to build their own brewery.


In 2010 Patrick and David became forerunners of Australia’s cider movement when they introduced Swedish Rekorderlig Cider. They launched first with the highly successful pear cider and swiftly followed it with apple, and strawberry and lime Rekorderlig in small batches. Red Island Group now distributes nine Rekorderlig Cider flavours.

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