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Hop Nation Ray Watermelon & Mint Real Fruit Hard Seltzer

  • ABV: 4.5%
  • 330ML CANS


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Dubbed the drink of the summer in the US and further afield last year, hard seltzer has slowly been trickling down under. With huge growth amongst some very big players in the craft beer world abroad, it looks set to do the same here. With a little bit more time than usual to experiment over the last couple of months, they thought they’d give it a go and they liked what happened, and so here they are with ‘Ray.

Hailing from Hop Nation’s home in Footsc’ray (hence the name), Ray Hard Seltzer is a brewed alcoholic sparkling water, with real fruit, no added sugar, and is a crisp refreshing tipple.


Hop Nation is a craft brewery started in 2014 by winemaking friends Sam Hambour and Duncan Gibson. With years of work and travel through several wine regions of the world between them, Sam and Duncan have been exposed to not only great wines of the world, but incredible international beers. With this behind the scene influence and years of backyard brewing experience, they decided to create a craft brewery in Melbourne, Australia.


In naming this beer Hop Nation sought out a great American number two – Buzz Aldrin – the second guy on the moon. With the huge success of their first release The Fiend, this beer, like Mr. Aldrin, has some big steps to follow but they are confident this little hop dude can do it. Plus it weighs in at a decent 6.5% ABV – so, may the buzz be with you.

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