King River Mixed Pack – Case of 16

    • ABV: 3.8 – 10.5%
    • 375ML – 440ML  CANS
    Pack Includes:

    1 x King River NOEL Belgian Specialty Ale
    1 x King River Double Italian Grape Ale
    1 x King River Cisarske Imperial Pilsner
    1 x King River Roggenbock
    1 x King River Wet Hop Galaxy
    1 x King River Autumn Nights Strong Ale
    2 x King River Red IPA
    2 x King River King Valley Kolsch
    2 x King River Ballyblack Irish Stout
    1 x King River Ginger Beer
    1 x King River Mango Sour
    2 x King River Pale


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King River NOEL Belgian Specialty Ale, 440ml Can, ABV 10.5%
Belgian Specialty Ales are their thing, and there’s nothing finer than a Christmas Ale. Spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon, star anise and ginger, let KRB bring Christmas to you, all year round.

King River Double Italian Grape Ale, 440ml Can, ABV 8.0%
For the latest in their IPA series they have fermented Konpira Maru Gewürztraminer grape juice with Voyager Veloria malt and heavily dry hopped with Mouteka (NZ) and “Red Earth” from Ryefield Hops, creating a fruity, yet earthy ale. The juice from the Gerwurzt really shines through and provides a playful and soft balance to the hop characters. A blend of grapes and beer, these Italians know what they’re doing!

King River Cisarske Imperial Pilsner, 440ml Can, ABV 7.5%
Cisarske means Imperial in Czech. They take their Pivo pilsner, double the malt bill and mash in a bit higher to create this ‘Imperial’ version. Beautiful gold in colour and dense all the way through. Now in a tall 440ml can befitting this elegant beer.

King River Roggenbock, 440ml Can, ABV 7.7%
A traditional Roggenbier is like a wheat beer, but using Rye instead of wheat. Spiced bread and clove with a wonderful silky mouthfeel. Bright copper in colour and rich in character, a beer full of flavour.

King River Wet Hop Galaxy, 440ml Can, ABV 5.7%
This single batch wet hopped beer has been made with Voyager Veloria malt and green Galaxy hops. Characteristic passionfruit, citrus and peach combine for a pleasant aroma and flavour. The hops they use are sourced from HPA’s Rostrevor hop gardens.

King River Autumn Nights Strong Ale, 440ml Can, ABV 9.7%
A strong and smooth pale ale with a hint of citrus and full mouthfeel. For cooler evenings, sitting by the fire, whiling away the hours with friends. As the leaves dance in the breeze, you can relax on these Autumn Nights.

King River Red IPA, 375ml Can, ABV 5.8%
Hoppy, red to copper IPA with a complex malt base. The bitterness is balanced with strong malt character and citrus. Stone fruit and passionfruit from intensive dry hopping add significant punch to the aroma. This beer is packed with flavour.

King River King Valley Kolsch, 375ml Can, ABV 4.9%
A perfect beer for any occasion. A golden ale with a light body and straw in colour. Delicate hop character matches the elegant pale malts for a balanced ale that can quench a thirst and matches well with lighter foods. their King Valley Kolsch showcases the beauty of their region with crisp characters from their super fresh water obvious with your very first taste. They call this beer the Elbow Bender as it’s so easy to come back for another sip.

King River Ballyblack Irish Stout, 375ml Can, ABV 4.8%
Last years winter favourite returns. They wanted a nice sessionable beer for the colder months so they brewed this dry and super roasty Irish Stout. Notes of dark chocolate, toasted bread and coffee. Perfect for sipping by the fire on a frosty eve.

King River Ginger Beer, 375ml Can, ABV 4.5%
King River Ginger Beer has a balanced sweetness alongside a big gingery punch. Try it with ice & lime, neat or with your favourite rum. The perfect refreshing and spicy beverage!

King River Mango Sour, 375ml Can, ABV 3.8%
Rich Mango flavour in a tart and slightly acidic ale. The acidity is balanced well with the sweetness, so it won’t turn your mouth inside out and the freshest available Mango puree makes this an awesome tropical beer for the warmer weather.

King River Pale, 375ml Can, ABV 5.2%
King River flagship Pale Ale. Stone fruit, citrus, and passionfruit aromas on a golden light-bodied Pale Ale. They dry hop with the freshest North East Victorian hops they can find which provides a crisp and fruity taste.

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