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Lost Palms Brewing 300 Days of Sunshine

  • ABV: 3%
  • 375ML CAN


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Part of the Lost Palms core range aimed at appeasing Gold Coast Locals, the 300 Days of Sunshine is named after the Gold Coast weather – which on average is sunny 300 days of the year. The 300 Days of Sunshine is a 3.00% summer ale with plenty of flavour. Mashed in high to generate a big body and generously hopped throughout the brew giving the impression of a full-strength beer with lower abv for the long session.


After opening as a brewpub in late 2017, at the beginning of 2019 things started ramping up for the brewpub. With the addition of a new brewer Chris Smith (formerly of Slipstream Brewing Co.) and a new sales team the beers were taken outside of the brewery walls. Since then a flurry of interest has accompanied Lost Palms along the way, with the Miami pastel vibes and stylish bright branding they’ve cut out a niche in the Gold Coast area and gained a strong local following. Until recently the beers were only available through the taphouse, however are now stoked to share our beer with anyone who can get their hands on them before they sell out.

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