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Modus Hazy 04, 05 & 06 pack + Modus Premium Cap

  • ABV: 7 – 10%
  • 375ML CANS

What’s Included –
Modus Hazy 04 Tripple NEIPA
Modus Hazy 05 Cherry Cream Coconut Sabro Hazy IPA
Modus Operandi Hazy 06 Oat Cream Apricot IPA
Modus Premium Cap


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Modus Hazy 04 Tripple NEIPA, 375ml Can, ABV 10%
If you’re on the Hazy horse then it’s time to saddle up again but first, please sit down. Hazy 04 weighs in at 10%. Modus Operandi Brewing tripled down on dry hop additions resulting in a juicy, pillowy Hazy designed purely to put you back under the doona. Dangerously drinkable – just how the brewery loves ’em. Now, double check your saddle straps, roll your can for maximum juice factor, strap in and enjoy.

Modus Hazy 05 Cherry Cream Coconut Sabro Hazy IPA, 375ml Can, ABV 7%
This time around, Modus Operandi Brewing has gone big, bold and colourful, amusement park style. Heavy on the Oat Creams gives this series a milkshake and dessert like feel as if you’re rolling around the amusement park, VIP. Hazy 05: Cherry, Coconut, Cream. 7.0%. They continued to push the innovation with their Hazy yeasts complimenting the cherry with a juicy, full, smooth mouthfeel balanced against fine coconut, tropical and stone fruit aromatics. Thanks to pallet loads of a truly unique hop: Sabro. Grab your ticket to the fun park as the next Modus Haze wave pushes flavour perception boundaries and puts Luna Park sized smiles on dials.

Modus Hazy 06 Oat Cream Apricot IPA, 375ml Can, ABV 7%
Oat Cream is at the heart of this edition with a delicious combination of Modus Operandi Brewing Company’s favourite stone fruit, apricots and a dash of coconut rounding out a fresh and aromatic delight of peachy hops in the shape of HPA-016 and SABRO – stonefruit, nectarine and coconut. A thick creamy IPA with a full and rich mouthfeel.


Always dreaming but finally formalising the concept in 2012, it all started in a motor home traveling around the U.S. of A, blaring Creedence and delving deeper into the craft revolution. They returned home to their beloved Northern Beaches with heads full of beer lovin’ and some very talented American brewers in their bags.  Hailing from Oskar Blues Brewery, they taught them and their Aussie brewers the real art of craft beer using first class materials and practices.

Did you know?

Back in the late 1940’s, the site of the brewery was a wholesome farmland for feeding the exotic animals at Taronga Zoo.