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Moon Dog Bad Boy Bubbly Barley Champagne

  • ABV 13.10%


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Bad Boy Bubbly, inspired by the South Australian cult classic, is Moon Dog’s attempt to fashion a beer that tastes like champagne. As for the beer, Moon Dog set out to achieve this goal via the use of the palest malt he could lay his hands on, sugar to achieve the desired ABV without too much body, a champagne yeast, Nelson Sauvin hops for their vinous quality, and popping a little of it into new Hungarian oak to lend it the little lactic kick you’d expect of a champagne. The result is a beer that looks like champagne (especially if served in a flute) with high carbonation and a fluffy white head, smells like a champagne (especially with that little lactic kick) and has champagne like qualities to its flavour too.


Two violin-playing brothers and their marvellously monikered mate have set out to create beers that meld styles, use all manner of unusual ingredients and frequently get to see the inside of barrels before being unleashed. In keeping with their unique ethos, Josh and Jake Uljans and Karl van Buuren have also situated their microbrewery in a spot equidistant between Carlton United Breweries headquarters and the Duchess brothel. What’s more, they’ve put it together from parts that include those used for seaweed-based cosmetics and an open fermentation tank from the former Wagga Wagga brewery that hasn’t been operational in around 80 years.


The Moon Dog Brewery and Bar in Abbotsford, VIC offers free popcorn, a giant projector screen which drops down during key sporting events and a table tennis table which gets wheeled out in quieter periods. Plus, there’s a Pizza van out the front! What more could you want?

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